[Joolma] 更改全域設定出現空白頁面的問題

查了一下Joolma 的log,發現是xcache 的設定所導致,大概是Joolma 要求的權限比較多


error:  xcache_list(): xcache.admin.user and/or xcache.admin.pass settings is not configured. Make sure you've modified the correct php.ini file for your php used in webserver. in xcache.php on line  148"


  1. Create a temporary file in /var/www called test.php with the following contents:
    <?php echo md5("password"); ?>
  2. Open a browser, navigate to test.php and copy the encrypted password that's displayed
  3. Edit /etc/php5/conf.d/xcache.ini as follows:
    xcache.admin.enable_auth = Off
    xcache.admin.user = "admin" (in my case at least)
    xcache.admin.pass = "abc123" (where "abc123" is the encryped password from step 2)

    xcache.var_size  = 16M (or whatever non-zero value you deem fit)
  4. Restart Apache
  5. Check all is well by browsing to your site and then examining the error.log file at /var/log/apache2

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